1. What construction projects fall under the Fund guarantee procedure (residential / non-residential, commercial, infrastructure)?

2. Is it possible to conclude an agreement with the Fund to provide a guarantee for facilities that have already been constructed (are there any restrictions on the stages of construction, the stages of completion of the construction of the facility, or other restrictions)?

3. How is quality control of residential buildings ensured?

4. Is it possible to terminate the guarantee agreement for any reason?

5. How much time is considered for the developer's application to receive the Fund's guarantee (which stages)?

6. In case of incompleteness of the information provided, the developer and the manager are returned the entire package of documents, or is the developer notified of the need to provide missing information?

7. How much time is provided to the developer and the MC for completion and provision of missing information?

8. What actions should be taken by the developer and the MC when the Fund decides on the issuance of a guarantee and in what time frame (by whom will the land plot pledges, voting shares in the Criminal Code and trust management of the voting shares of the Criminal Code be prepared)?

9. The amount and procedure for calculating the guarantee fee?

10. In the event of the Fund's refusal to enter into a guarantee agreement, will the clarifications be submitted to the developer and the CC?

11. Will the amount of the guarantee fee and the commission for consideration of the application be refunded to the developer and the UK in case of refusal to issue the guarantee by the Fund?

12. If the Fund refuses to issue a guarantee for any project, after what time does the developer and the MC be able to contact the Fund again (on the same or other projects)?

13. Do the requirements for the developer and the MC for the information provided in the application for the Fund's guarantee for projects with unfinished construction differ from those for which the construction has not yet commenced?

14. If the developer has several construction projects (including those located in different cities), is it necessary to single out each project in a separate application? Is it necessary to establish a new Criminal Code for each individual project?

15. When concluding a contract for the provision of guarantees, what reporting and in what terms does the developer and the Fund provide the Fund?

16. Is it necessary for the developer and the MC to provide the Fund with information on concluding equity agreements within the framework of the concluded guarantee agreement with the Fund?

17. НUnder what conditions will the Foundation implement the appropriate measures to complete the construction of a residential house at its own expense if the funds of an authorized company are insufficient in the event of a guarantee event?

18. Who will be reimbursed by the Fund's expenses for completing the construction of a dwelling house in the event of a warranty event (UK, developer, in case of insufficient funds of the latter, which will be implemented by the Fund of the event)?

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