1. Application in the form approved by the authorized body.
  2. Constituent documents of the Applicant: Charter, certificate of state registration of legal entities - participants of a legal entity; a document confirming the tax registration (notarized copies);
  3. Documents confirming the formation of the authorized capital of the Applicant (notarized copies).
  4. A reference of the Tax Committee on the presence or absence of the applicant's arrears in taxes and other mandatory payments to the budget and to the pension fund as of the date not earlier than 30 calendar days before the date of filing the application.
  5. Notarized copies of the identity documents of the first head, the chief accountant of the Applicant.
  6. The order on appointment of the chief accountant of the Applicant (the original or a copy, certified by the seal of the legal entity).
  7. Audited financial statements for the last 2 fiscal years, as well as management reports for the last report date, with an appendix to the main articles.
  8. Information on the license for construction and installation work with a list of types of construction and installation work for the right to implement architectural, urban planning and construction activities (if available).
  9. Information on the experience of the Developer in the construction sector (the erection of residential buildings, including state order, confirmed by copies of the commissioning of facilities, the number of sq. Meters handed over).
  10. Copy of the act on the land plot for the implementation of the project.
  11. Certificate from the authorized body on the absence / presence of encumbrances on the land plot for the implementation of the project and unfinished construction (if any).
  12. A copy of the bank account agreement, a certificate (bank statement) on the availability of funds planned for spending on construction in the amount specified in the Law.
  13. A copy of the confirmation of the notification of the beginning of construction and installation works.
  14. Conclusion of the engineering company on the technical survey of the project on the technical condition of the reliability of structures and the stability of buildings and engineering and communications infrastructure (in case the construction is started).
  15. The contract concluded between the Authorized company and the contractor (general contractor) with the approved plan of construction and installation works.
  16. The draft agreement of share participation in housing construction, planned to be concluded between the authorized company and the share participant, does not contradict the standard contract terms of the equity in housing, approved by the competent authority.
  17. Original receipt for payment of the commission for consideration of the application.
  18. Approved plan for financing the construction project.
  19. Design and estimate documentation on electronic media in PDF format (Portable Document Format) with a copy of the positive conclusion of the complex non-departmental expertise on paper.

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