Strategy " Kazakhstan-2050»


In December 2012, in the Address of the Head of state to the people of the country, the development Strategy of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2050 was presented. Its main goal is to create a welfare society on the basis of a strong state, a developed economy and opportunities for universal labor, Kazakhstan's entry into the thirty most developed countries of the world.

To achieve this goal, the strategy "Kazakhstan-2050" provides for the implementation of seven long-term priorities:

1. New deal economic policy-comprehensive economic pragmatism based on the principles of profitability, return on investment and competitiveness.

2.Comprehensive support for entrepreneurship-the leading force of the national economy.

3.New principles of social policy-social guarantees and personal responsibility.

4. Knowledge and professional skills are the key reference points of the modern system of education, training and retraining.

5. Further strengthening of statehood and development of Kazakhstan's democracy.

6.Consistent and predictable foreign policy-promotion of national interests and strengthening  regional and global security.

7. New Kazakhstan patriotism is the basis of success of our multinational and multi-confessional society.

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Strategic development plan of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2020


The strategic development plan of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2020 was approved by presidential decree  Republic of Kazakhstan No. 922 of 1 February 2010. 
The period of development of the Strategic plan until 2020 coincided with the beginning of the most serious global financial and economic crisis in the last seventy years. As a result the emphasis in the development of the Strategic plan  until 2020, emphasis was placed on the implementation of measures aimed at improving the resilience of the national economy to the negative consequences of global or regional crises.

In the next decade five key areas will be priorities in the state's activities: 

  • preparing for post-crisis development; 
  • ensuring sustainable economic growth by accelerating diversification through industrialization and infrastructure development; 
  • investing in the future - increasing the competitiveness of human capital to achieve sustainable economic growth, prosperity and social well-being of Kazakhstan; 
  • providing the population with high-quality social and housing and communal services; 
  • strengthening of interethnic harmony, security and stability of international relations. 

As a result of the implementation of the Strategic plan – 2020, Kazakhstan should achieve the following key indicators:

  • Kazakhstan in 2020 will become a country that emerged from the global crisis stronger and more competitive, with a diversified economy and a population actively involved in the new economy. 
  • By 2020, Kazakhstan will already be among the fifty most competitive countries in the world with a favorable business climate, allowing to attract significant foreign investment in non-oil sectors of the economy.
  • By 2020, the country will have the human resources necessary to develop a diversified economy, as well as the infrastructure necessary to serve domestic entrepreneurs and exporters.
  • By 2020, Kazakhstan's economy will grow by more than a third in real terms compared to 2009.
  • By 2020 the share of the population with incomes below the subsistence minimum will fall to 8%.

The main achievement of the implementation of the Strategic plan – 2020 should be a significant increase in the welfare of citizens of the country as a result of consistent diversification and qualitative improvement of the structure of economic growth of Kazakhstan. 

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