Resolution Of the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated August 26, 2016 No. 479 JSC "kfgik" defined JSC "housing construction guarantee Fund". In connection with the renaming of the Foundation a rebranding was carried out and on October 10 2016 a new logo came into effect.

The idea of the stylistic solution of the Foundation's brand According to the Mission of JSC "FGIS" and the full legal name of the Fund in the state language "Trin I arylamine ceplak take ori" was determined three key images forming the philosophical content of the graphic elements constituting the common heraldic composition of the corporate mark (logo).
Residential building-Shanyrak
Construction-roof (house, housing) - 16 regions ( 14 regions + Astana + Almaty)
Ceplak take ora guarantor, as the symbol of the Eastern shield. Thick round metal shield decorated with a unique pattern of Eastern peoples.
The heraldic stylistic solution, which was the result of the brand development, corresponds to the status and mission of the Foundation.

Brand Book Fund For correct use of the brand elements of the Fund, please use the brandbook.
Brand book JSC "FGIS»
The logo of JSC "FGJS" in the state language
Логотип АО «ФГЖС» на русском языке
The logo of JSC "FGJS" in English

Rules for using the name of the Fund In official documents the following spelling should be used:
In Kazakh: joint Stock company " housing construction guarantee Fund"
In Russian: joint Stock company "housing construction guarantee Fund"
In English: Housing Guarantee Fund Joint Stock Company
The name in the Russian and Kazakh versions is allocated with quotes, does not incline and is not used in the plural. In English, the words of the title are always written with a capital letter.

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